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Team Hemo hits Warren Jyrch

Posted in Team Hemophilia 2009 on August 4th, 2009 by Brent

The Illinois Camp was a blast!! I already knew some of the staff at Warren Jyrch, and if that would say anything about the campers, they were gonna be a great group to work with. Although Jen Crawford from NHF couldn’t come (tear!), Amy Brown came to represent NHF. And we even had Debbie Voss come, who is an amazing physical Ttherapist who worked on developing the Team Hemo program in the beginning.

So the NYLI were represented by me, Brad Allain, Meghan McDonald and Shelly Mattson. Likely some of the best NYLI members to talk about their subjects. Brad (who is like a power lifter) on strength training, Meghan (a dancer) on flexibility, Shelly (super enthusiastic, perfect for cardio), and I know a thing or two about nutrition. The kids don’t even know what hit them.

The teens were really fun and very receptive. We did several leadership games (my favorite being Little Sally Walker–and yes I just called it a leadership game) and then got into the program. At least for nutrition, the kids seemed to ask questions and really soak in all the information. As always, it’s really fun (but SCARY) to ask how many servings of fruits and veggies they think we need to eat a day and hear them shout TWO…THREE!!…double that teens! Ages 13-17 is the perfect time to share this information because they’re just starting to take more control of their own lives. Now with information about how to do strength training safely with a BD or how big a real serving size of grains is, they can take personal responsibility and start making more positive choices in their lives.

Warren Jyrch is a great camp with some amazing campers and counselors, and it was a pleasure to come check it out!

Shine on,